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Les Couleurs de Véro

Aromatherapy twist ballpoint pen; Force of nature!

Aromatherapy twist ballpoint pen; Force of nature!

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It will be used and enjoyed to relax, unwind and relieve stress with aromatherapy. This adorable pen can be given as a gift for a special someone or as a treat yourself.

The end of the pen has an essential oil diffuser tip.

Ideal for the home or office.
Unique design.
Handmade in polymer clay.
The polymer clay was carefully placed on the pen tubes.
It has been hand sanded and varnished for a dazzling finish.

Soft and smooth to the touch, integrated pattern.


-1 twist ballpoint pen
-5 filters to insert into the tip and soak in oils.
-a small container (empty) to put oil in. -1 Parker ink cartridge

Technical description:

Brushed Silver Plating.

Nature pattern, mandalas; Purple, yellow, lime, orange, red, shiny.

Dimensions approximately:
Thickness: 0.9cm
Length: 14.6 cm closed tip

Filter tips:

If we have to add small drops of oil?! It all depends on your oil. I suggest you carry the small vial with you!

We recommend changing the filter approximately every month, depending on use.

You have to soak the oil in the entire filter so that your wonderful smell brightens your day!


Filters and vials available in store.

Possibility of adding a Gel Parker cartridge available in store

You can buy Parker cartridges at a department store or in my store.

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