Salon Discovering the Artisans of the River 2nd EDITION!

Share the event with others and discover the basics of art, handmade works at Carrefour Rimouski
Already, we can feel the frenzy of excitement for the upcoming holidays in the air. The local company Les Couleurs de Véro in collaboration with Carrefour Rimouski presents Le Salon À la Découverte des Artisans du Fleuve 2nd edition, which will bring together several artisans and artists!
Salon Discovering the Artisans of the River
Second edition of the Show Discovering the Artisans of the Fleuve will be held on December 2-3, 2023 at Carrefour Rimouski; close to the dining room. Our artisans/artists will present original, quality products made by hand only, in a professional space with a warm atmosphere in order to provide an experience of returning to the sources of craftsmanship. The À la Découverte des Artisans du Fleuve show will be the ideal place to immerse yourself in the very heart of art.
Products made only by hand; works of Quebec artists (his), jewelry for all tastes, practical creations for the home, care products, leisure tools, everything to embellish your writing both on paper and on touch screens.
Lots of new extraordinary finds will be offered to visitors throughout this weekend. In addition to benefiting from free access to the show, visitors will be able to take part in a rally to discover our artisans. Those who participate in the game will have the chance to win wonderful prizes, courtesy of our artisans!
In addition, during your purchases you will receive a ticket for a draw for a magnificent gift basket.
Schedule of the Salon À la Découverte des Artisans du Fleuve:
December 2: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
December 3: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Festive holiday atmosphere!
Alongside the section reserved for exhibitors, the Carrefour Rimouski comes alive so that there is something for the whole family. As part of the end-of-year celebrations, several activities will be underway for the pleasure of young and old alike! For all information regarding the holiday program, consult the or the Carrefour Rimouski Facebook page.
Here are the presentations of the artisans and artists who will be present!

The Biquettes of the Coulée

Agricultural company producing and processing goat milk for the manufacture of soaps and body products based on goat's milk.


Maman Couture

Maman Couture is committed to offering sustainable reusable and customizable products, designed in Quebec to help families adopt eco-responsible actions and reduce their consumption of single-use products, with pleasure. For the holiday season, a range of reusable gift bag products as well as personalized reusable Christmas ornaments will be available at the market.


Bouttendresse dolls

The process of reborning a doll requires many steps, which makes it possible to create very realistic dolls, it's undeniable. Several layers of paint alternated with as many firings give them their baby skin.

Eyelashes and hair are implanted with a needle. Some natural, others created with mohair, this wool having the closest appearance to human hair.

This gives a real trompe-l'oeil aspect which attracted the artist to this form of art. Every person has a reaction to these treasures. These dolls can even have a therapeutic effect!

Real little treasures unique in the world which are now available to you!


Melissa Joanette painter

My name is Melissa Joanette, painter. I stand out with my textured and abstract canvases inspired by nature and my imagination.

The happiness workshop by AH

Candles made from 100% natural soy wax, paraben and phthalate free. I also wanted to create candle names that will motivate you every day, make you smile and make your days sweeter 🌸 .


JAC Artist / Judy-Ann Côté artist-painter

Hello, I am Judy-Ann Côté, a teenage artist from La Mitis. Although the arts have always been in my life, I have only developed my style and started my journey in the last two years. The event À La Découverte des Artisans du Fleuve 2nd edition will be my first public step with my works... I'll leave you the pleasure of discovering me!!

-JAC Artist



Annie Robichaud-Painter Artist


Presentation of the organizer

The colors of Véro

My mission is to improve your daily life and eliminate disposable products and plastic! By offering you a unique, hand-cast, refillable and beautiful product that is found in the sustainable eco-friendly product range.

Pen of any range;

Ergonomic pen (Writing aid);

Aromatherapy pen;

aromatherapy necklaces;

Ergonomic diamond painting stylus (diamond painting).

Several surprises await you!


My passion for jewelry, my vocation is to offer you quality service!

Hope to see you!

Hope to see you there 😃