Who is Vero?!

Good morning!

My name is Véronique and I am the mother of a wonderful boy. I live in Rimouski.

I am the creator of “ The Colors of Véro ”! Created in May 2021!

And proud to say that I developed this business myself and that I work on it alone!

My story:

In my childhood, my grandmother was an example for me. I loved watching her knit and sew. Craftsmanship fascinated me and it has always been a part of me. In every trial of my life this art has helped me enormously. I discovered several facets of it: knitting (hook and spindle), painting on wood, painting on canvas, cabinetmaking, blushing and so on.

An event (in my family) in 2020 turned my life upside down to change it forever. A year later, I decided that my life was going to take a completely different turn! I started diamond painting. I discovered this unique and therapeutic universe.

Subsequently, I wanted to make my own styluses for diamond painting so that they were comfortable, light and ergonomic.


I started, as I like to call it, my “color therapy”. A passion developed: working with polymer clay (especially Fimo and Cernit clay). What can be created with this is endless! This is why I got into this type of creation!

I have done and am doing a lot of research to continue to improve my creations and meet customer demand.

I love making discoveries, I'm very curious... hihihi

My primary goal is to add color and help people!

My creations are unique , magnificent and practical .

To try them is to adopt them!

Photo: Sophie Jean Photographer and Graphic Designer