Collection: Ergonomic ballpoint pens / writing aid

On this page you will find products 100% created by hand! All products are ergonomic and several models have been tested by registered occupational therapists.


We have a supplier number for the SAAQ, so you will be able to get reimbursed.


As for CNESST/IVAC, you must ask your customer to ask their compensation agent if they can be reimbursed for my products. This varies for each folder. The CNESST/IVAC only provides a supplier number to wholesalers. (Large companies) This is why a small company like us does not have a supplier number.

Why choose our products!?

Not only are they:

Ergonomic: By their shapes, thickness, weight and more.

Reliable; They are unbreakable.

Durable; the tip of the tool or the ink cartridge of the pen can be changed.

Unique; We are the only ones in North America to offer tools and pens with this technique. In addition, each creation cannot be reproduced, it is a unique work!

This offers users the opportunity to have better self-esteem, since they are different from those currently offered on the market. How!? Simply by adding a touch of color and style that will increase the value of the product in the eyes of customers.

Which will greatly contribute to the healing process!