Collection: Pen and Writing Instrument Cases



Fabric: cotton and/or denim


87.5% natural cotton and 12.5% ​​polypropylene


Length: 20 cm Width: 6 cm Height: 4 cm

Can be used on your books and diary! The elastic stretches to a maximum length of 30 cm.

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Creations Isabelle Dubé

Hello, my name is Isabelle Dubé , I am a woman with a heart and a passionate artist. I hope I can convey a little sweetness with my products that I make from home. I have always considered myself an artist and this is even more the case since 2019 with the creation of my small business, Isabelle Dubé creations. I offer you different products that I make by hand including my super magic bags, my stuffed animals and my calming bags for the eyes. Hope to meet you