Collection: Ergonomic products / Writing aids and leisure aids

On this page you will find products 100% created by hand! All products are ergonomic and several models have been tested by registered occupational therapists.

Why choose our products!? and For whom!?!


Fine motor difficulty, help with writing and hobbies depending on the child.


Thumb osteoarthritis, Arthritis, de Quervain tendinitis, Post-fracture status, tremor, post stroke, help with writing and hobbies according to the children.


Less pain, more endurance, more comfortable grip, more control and stable.

This offers users the opportunity to have better self-esteem , since they are different from those currently offered on the market. How!? Simply by adding a touch of color and style that will increase their value in their eyes. Which will greatly contribute to the healing process! And even help with Anxiety!

They are:

Ergonomic: By their shapes, thicknesses, light weight (diamond painting stylus) and more.

Reliable; The handles are unbreakable, the polymer clay is resistant.

Sustainable zero waste; the tool tip or ink cartridge of the pen can be changed. So reduce plastic!

Unique; We are the only ones in North America to offer tools and pens with this technique. In addition, each creation cannot be reproduced, it is a unique work!


I started making polymer clay since my hands were hurting with the tool provided in the kits. I created my own styluses. It took the pain away so I could finish my beautiful canvas! ...And I fell in love with the dough!


I designed the pen concepts for my mother who had arthritis/osteoarthritis. I was only at the beginning of my tests. Unfortunately, she couldn't try the final result... She left... I continued anyway to help people who are going through the same situation.

So she is present in my thoughts when I create my creations... which will help a person to write gently or help them during their leisure time, which brings me a lot of comfort.



We have a supplier number for the SAAQ, so you will be able to get reimbursed.


As for CNESST/IVAC, you must ask your customer to ask their compensation agent if they can be reimbursed for my products. This varies for each folder. The CNESST/IVAC only provides a supplier number to wholesalers. (Large companies) This is why a small company like us does not have a supplier number.

Here are our products that will help either with your writing or with your hobbies:

-Ergonomic triangle pen/pencil (copyright);

-Diamond painting stylus/Diamond painting pen;

-Seam Separators/Seam Rippers.