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Ergonomic ballpoint pen, ergonomic writing, help for arthritis, osteoarthritis, fine dexterity etc.

Ergonomic ballpoint pen, ergonomic writing, help for arthritis, osteoarthritis, fine dexterity etc.

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This polymer clay ballpoint pen is hand-molded. Casting made in a larger shape as required. These pens are intended to be more comfortable for everyone, even those with joint conditions, nerve conditions, or any other diagnoses/problems that make thin pens difficult or painful to use. There are several ways to hold it depending on the person's needs. The pen is refillable with Cross style refills. (available in several stores)

Since the molding is done by hand and in polymer clay, this gives me the possibility of making several kinds of shapes which are designed according to your needs.
All designs, pattern and color mixtures (of polymer clay) are mine. They are sandblasted and varnished for very good durability. I cannot reproduce the same design, each pen is a unique work of art.

The pen is designed for all ages and for several categories of hand motor skills deficiency (writing, fine motor skills, etc.). In addition to its incredible effectiveness, my product increases self-confidence. Since it is different from other pens offered now. It is colorful, unique and beautiful. Very different from others on the market, which are less personalized.

Each creation is molded with care and love. Each pen is a unique work!

I designed these pen concepts for my mother who had arthritis/osteoarthritis. I was only at the beginning of my tests. Unfortunately, she couldn't try the final result... She left... I continued anyway to help people who are going through the same situation. So she is present in my thoughts when I put together my creation, which will help a person to write gently, which brings me a lot of comfort.

Technical description:
Thicknesses between: 0.9 cm and 2.3 cm
Gold Plating
Mandala pattern, rainbow gradients

*if necessary, ask for SAAQ supplier number

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