Mois de février!

Month of February!

Hello everybody!

I wanted to update you on what's going on not only in my business, but also in my life. You will thus learn to know me better, and to better understand the scope of my work!

First of all, I am very proud to have obtained my diploma in business launch! On February 14 I received a certificate of school perseverance, which was a magnificent Valentine's Day gift that moved me enormously. I didn't expect it at all!

As for the month of February, I have and had a lot of things in motion.

I am currently working on several projects both in partnership and for points of sale. My new collaboration is with La CaSa de la couture , located at 146 Av. de la Cathédrale in Rimouski, where several of my seamstresses now meet. Don’t hesitate to go take a look! Also, I wore a little new one from Le Fou du Roi , a pretty skull feather, very well defined. Truly, a collector’s item! I also have a multitude of Celtic pens available there, at 20 rue St-Germain E in Rimouski.

Moving forward, having completed my course and my business plan, I am currently in the process of making submissions for grants. This would allow me to continue my projects, including having larger displays, which would allow me to be more visible during my markets. It would also be more professional, more in my image. However, I cannot access several grants due to government restrictions, such as my age and the fact that my business is no longer launching. So, I'm thinking more about turning to investors.

The funds that these would bring me would allow me to release my triangle pens, also called triangle pencils, for which I already have my copyright. These are in memory of my mother who died in January last year. She was the one who advised me on the shape of my pencil. In short, the triangle will be molded by hand and suitable for everyone, whether a child, adult, someone suffering from tendinitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis or even those with difficulty writing or holding a pencil. These pencils will be similar to my slim line pens, but with a triangle tip. Adapted pencils do not normally have a very good aesthetic, my goal is to restore confidence and self-esteem to those whose daily lives are affected by writing.

In this sense, I had my pen evaluated by occupational therapists and I got the green light from them! I also have my SAAQ number, so those who need it can get reimbursed. On the other hand, as for the CNESST you have to check with an agent since the process is not the same, not necessarily needing a supplier number. In short, these are big projects, and to carry them out I need funding, whether through grants or investors.

As for my personal life, I am a moderator for the JQJL group: I buy Quebecois, I buy local , all fulfilling my role as a single-parent entrepreneur. It's really a great group to get exposure to, and I really appreciate the team of volunteers and workers in this group. I also do collective cooking with other mothers, which allows me to socialize. I also prepared my coco for his photography at daycare, as you saw on my Facebook page.

Here ends this blog! I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being here! Thank you for letting me color your life!

Goodbye and see you soon!

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